Shaved Ice Machine Reviews

Introduction to Shaved Ice Machine

shaved ice machineShaved ice and snow cones are really popular summer treats. They used to be limited to just fairs or carnivals. However, you can now find b ice machine virtually anywhere. Shaved ice is basically ice that are shaved off the block of ice so that they are fluffy and soft like snow. They differ from slushies and snow cones because the ice is so soft that it melts in your mouth like a snowflake rather than being crunchy. Shaved ice absorbs the flavoring much differently than ice and snow cones because of the way that the ice is shaped.

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The great thing about the softness of shaved ice is that it has such a velvety smooth texture that you don’t need to add on a lot of extras. You can easily make your own syrups from your favorite drink mixes or just as easily eat it plain. A snow cone is going to keep you hydrated and cool in the summer. You can also include whip cream, fruit, or even chocolate to make your snow cone your own and give you ways to use your ice machine.

Most shaved ice machines do not include the syrups or the cups. You can purchase the typical paper cups or cones that you see at fairs and carnivals. You also have the choice of reusable plastic cones that will give you the same feel as eating a snow cone without the mess of the paper cones.

Things to Remember

Using a shaved ice maker is easy. You load the ice on the top and collect it in the bottom. How you collect it will depend on the ice machine that you get. Remember that although most shaved ice machines function about the same, they won’t all give you the same amount of ice in the same amount of time. You may have to load ice more often on some models. You may also have to let your ice machine rest in between uses.

You need to make sure that you always dry your ice machine after you are finished using and before you put it up. If you do not allow ample time to dry, or dry it by hand, your blades are likely to rust. The life of your ice maker is be much longer if you dry it well.

The Best Shaved Ice Machine

These ice makers are the best based on customer reviews on Amazon. They are all great ice maker. The designs vary slightly which enables you to choose the one that will match your needs just right. So here are the top 5 shaved ice maker:

1 ) Hawaiian Shaved Ice S900A Electric Ice Machine

shaved ice makerThe small design of this ice machine makes it perfect to sit on any countertop. The design of the blade produces soft and fluffy ice if you use ice blocks or a little bit crunchy ice if you use ice cubes. The versatility of the ice makes it great for virtually any frozen drink that you want to make. This ice maker is great for daily use.

The pros of this ice machine are that it comes with the round ice molds that make it easy to have the blocks of ice on hand right when you need them to be. It is so easy to use that you find reasons to use it every single day.

The cons of this ice machine are the way that you have to hold down the power button to get the ice to come out. You would not want to use this machine for a party, even a small family gathering is going to tax this machine.

2) WYZworks – Ice Machine

shaved iceThere is no reason why you can’t have snow cone stand quality ice at home with this machine. It is a beautiful stainless steel ice machine that isn’t going to rust or wear out easily. You can place it virtually anywhere that you want and have perfect ice with little effort.

The ease of use is the biggest pro to this ikce machine. You literally can use any type of ice and get a great texture. The adjustments, should you need them, are easy to do with an Allen wrench that you probably already own. You can use this for any family event, or even a kid’s snow cone party. It is well made and is going to be an investment that will last you for a while.

The downside of this ice machine is the way that the bowl sits under the blade is off to the side. It means that you have to constantly turn the bowl to make sure that it does not spill.

3) Great Northern Shaved Ice Maker

41d88G4uXPLThe applications for this machine are endless. Have a snow cone party for the kids. Make some drinks for the adults. It is all as possible with this shaved ice maker.  It has everything that you could possibly need in an ice shaver machine. The tinted window keeps ice from melting as fast as it would with no protection. The slanted bottom makes sure that the water that comes from the ice that does melt is collected at the bottom so that the backlight is not damaged. There is a safety switch that will keep the machine running easily and efficiently.

The pros to this ice maker is the way that can push out enough ice to handle any event that you throw at it. So go for the gold and have a fundraiser because this machine will not let you down. It is designed to catch the attention of everyone around, yet its function is flawless.

The bad thing about this ice maker is that it is pretty big. It is going to need its own designated space. You cannot simply put it on your countertop. It isn’t made for home use. It is designed more for parties or commercial use.

4) Ivation IS80 Electric Ice Shaver

61D2EVWhz9L._SL1500_This is the ice machine that you need sitting on your kitchen counter top. It has a beautifully sleek design and rubber feet that will keep it from sliding around. It is available in your choice of colors and will give you shaved ice right when you need it. All you need to do is add ice.

The pros to this ice machine go beyond its perfect size and beautiful color.  It has an auto shut off that makes it safe for anyone to use it. The one touch button allows you to place the ice in easily and have snow cones effortlessly.

The con to this ice machine is that it does not have any kind of drainage. You are working with ice and it will melt. No matter how hard that you try, there is going to be water run-off. It would be better if it had a tray under it to catch the water at very least.

5) Waring Pro SCM100 Professional Snow Cone Maker

71JG1ahHd6L._SL1500_This ice maker is the perfect middle ground. It is small enough to fit on your countertop or table while still being big enough to give your family the snow cones that they desire. You can get 4 snow cones is about a minute or less. You put up to 12 ice cubes in at the top and you get fluffy ice in the reservoir. It is that easy to use.

The best thing about this ice shaver machine is that it gives you the ice that you need without the mess. The shaved ice falls into a compartment at the bottom. Any water that sheds off is kept at the bottom of the container. You counter top and floor stay dray. It is BPA free and the blade is stainless steel.

The worst thing about this ice shaver machine is that it is not adjustable. You do not have the option of removing or sharpening the blades, which is sometimes helpful. It is also a lot louder than you would expect from a shaved ice machine.

Our Choice

download (1)After researching many different products, the conclusion was made that just about all of the shaved ice machines that you find on Amazon are going to work for standard home use. For extreme users, you need to look beyond what is normal. That is exactly what we did. All ice shaver machines have reservoirs to hold the ice. Shaved ice maker either take ice cubes or frozen discs. Some shave ice machines did take either one. There were some shave ice machines that didn’t have any sort of safety feature. Those were not included. So with those standards we made this list to reflect the best of the best on the market.

The one that stood out of those top 5 is the Great Northern Snow Cone Machine. It was not easy to find the downside of this ice shaver machine. It is overall a great ice maker with all the features that you could want.

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