How To Maintain Your Skin Using Ice

ice cube on skinWe all know that ice is great for cooking, cleaning, and keeping our drinks cold. However, there are few people that know how wonderful is for your skin. So before you go and spend a small fortune of the latest beauty products,  check out these solutions, you may find that you would be better off investing in a counter top ice maker instead.

Relieving Inflammation

If you have ever had a sprain or a break, you know that ice can relieve the swelling of the tissue. That is the same basic principle behind applying ice to your eyes. Those bags and dark circles under your eyes can be helped by placing ice to them for a minute twice a day. It will reduce the inflammation and sag almost instantly. It will also help to eliminate wrinkles and fine lines.



A lot of us have trouble with breakouts, especially in the summer. If you have a countertop ice maker, you have a solution to this problem. You see, most of the time, breakouts are caused by bacteria building up on your skin. It can because of your make up or just because you are sweaty. Let’s face it, there are times that all of us go to sleep with makeup on our face. Ice can kill the bacteria so that your skin can heal itself without harsh soaps. Rubbing ice on your face once a day will kill the bacteria and close your pores. You will have fewer breakouts and fewer blackheads. It is a win-win situation.


So now that you know how to prevent the blemishes, you need to know how to use less makeup. If you take a freezer bag of ice and wrap a washcloth around it, then place it on your face, you will  instantly drop the temperature of the skin on your face. The result is that your body will begin pumping blood to bring up the temperature. You will have instantly flushed skin that will result in a healthy glow that will mean you don’t need blush. The pregnancy glow without the pregnancy.

Eww Feet

Most people don’t like feet. They choose not to think of it until they have a problem. The result is dry skin that has rough patches or worse athletes foot. So what you can do about this is easy. You will want to get about two cups of ice from your ice maker. Add it to 6 cups of vinegar. Pour it into a tub and soak your feet. The ice will freeze the dead skin cells so that the vinegar can wash it off. For athlete’s foot inflammation, don’t add the vinegar. The ice will kill the bacteria and reduce the redness while eases the pain and reducing the swelling. It will even kill the smell that is associated with athlete’s foot. icing-the-feet

The beauty of owning a counter top ice machine is knowing that you have that constant supply of ice on hand at all times. It is simply a wonderful way to put the water back into your body. After all, we are all made of mostly water. Once you look into all the benefits of owning an ice maker, it is so easy to find a way to make a budget for it. You can easily find one that will match the décor of your space without compromising quality or quantity of the ice that you want. No matter what counter top ice maker that you choose, you will be glad to have it in your life.

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