Best Crushed Ice Machine – Buying Guide 2017

crushed ice machineAre you fond of making drinks at home? I am. Making juices can be considered my favorite hobby in summers. Be it mango smoothies, organic juices, fruity shakes or slashes; I love making it because it is a super easy job to do. All you have to do is get your fruits sliced, put in some sugar and blend it all in. One most important ingredient is ice, a crushed ice machine helps you get the fresh ice, quickly.

Without putting in some ice, you cannot enjoy the fruity goodness of your smoothies, especially in the weather of summer. For this, I go for a crushed ice machine which does my job in a short matter of time. Instead, o crushing ice cubes with my own hands, I choose to get it from a crushed ice maker. This is why I love making juices because this appliance saves half of my time. It provides me with crushed ice in the least time, and I can present it in front of guests.


Make your summers more interesting as I do. Choose the best kind with some incredible recipes to enjoy every summer in the coming years. After you had read through, you may easily decide which crushed ice machine could you use. I recommend never to let go of this opportunity to buy an appliance which could be so helpful in hot summer days when all you want to do is rest in your bed.

What is a Crushed Ice Machine?

An ice maker machine is commonly found in parties or official places, hotels, etc. An ice maker machine is an appliance providing the consumer with ice of various kinds, whether ice cubes, half ice cubes, nugget cubes, crushed or flaked ice. The ice maker machine can be chosen according to the type of ice you require.

On top of everything, an ice maker machine comes in numerous sizes. You could choose any one according to the place you want it for. Furthermore, you may also opt for a portable ice maker machine, helpful while traveling from one place to another. There is a type of ice maker machine for getting crushed ice. A crushed ice maker is convenient to use when a person is fond of making smoothies, juices or slushes.

Such drinks are not complete without crushed ice. It can make your job easy instead of crushing ice on your own, getting tired of making drinks, and not enjoying it by the end will not be a good deal to ask for. Selecting for the best-crushed ice machine could be a better choice than the efforts you would put in.

Things to Consider When Buying a Crushed Ice Machine

Seeing that you are planning to buy a crushed ice machine, I would be appreciative in this regard since it would make your life easier. But before you go to buy this machine, there are a few things you must consider.

You should perform a complete survey because you will be spending your valuable amount of money. Thus, the product should be worth it. Instead of giving money to a flawed product, it feels better to carry out a survey and choose the best one out of it. Getting back to the things you have to notice, following are a few tips for you:

  • Output: You should focus greatly on the output you are going to receive. The production rate should be good enough. If the crushed ice maker does not provide you with enough ice in one day, it will be consumer more time, making it useless. You do not require too little ice; you need plenty of it.
  • Type: Make sure you select the right type of ice maker machine, i.e.: crushed ice. There are different types of ice produced so do not get into any confusion. Be certain that you are buying the right product according to your need.
  • The size of ice: You should opt for this machine which gives you a range of options regarding its size of ice. Crushed ice also has sizes available. Make sure you are provided with more than one or two sizes.
  • Consumption: A person also needs to look through the consumption of the appliance. Most machines require less amount of water to produce the same amount of ice.

Here, we are going to guide you towards the best selling crushed ice machine after going through customer’s detailed review and opinions. After exploring, you will have a better decision to make.

Best Crushed Ice Machine Reviews

1) Hawaiian Shaved Ice Electric Shaved Ice Machine

This ice maker machine presented by Hawaiian Shaved Ice brand specially made for crushed ice. You can make your summer time more interesting and joyous with drinks, juices or margaritas. This appliance is very easy to use, even your kids could operate this without any difficulty. This product could be the perfect choice for a person who is fond of getting entertained at a pool party or get-togethers. The best part about this appliance is that it is small in size, it can be fitted perfectly anywhere you want. You could take it to different places of parties. This device can serve as a complete party package so that you do not feel short of ice.


  • The amount of ice: The most important part of this appliance is that it can give you up to 2 pounds of crushed ice in an hour. This means you can have a good deal of ice in an entire day. You will be getting a bucket full of ice. You will never be limited on the ice anymore. Whether it is a party or you want it for your office, Hawaiian Shaved Ice could be used in any place and get plentiful of ice.
  • Exterior: The appliance is made of plastic and stainless steel. This is a good aspect of your device will not rust or tarnish. Having such a body, the appliance will be durable. Even if you carry it from one place or another, there are rare chances for it to be damaged. The water inside the machine is regularly managed, which also reduces the chance of rusting on the inside. Your machine can be used for a longer period.


  • The weight of this appliance by Hawaiian Shaved Ice is about 3 lb.
  • This device is available in white color only.
  • The machine is made up of plastic and stainless steel only.
  • It is made as a shatterproof machine.
  • It is rust resistant making it more durable.
  • It comes with removable blades.
  • The machine uses up to 120 volts.
  • 16 ounces of ice can be produced.
  • The machine has the dimensions of 8 x 6.8 x 12 inches.
  • It has an attractive design.
  • It contains 1-year factory warranty.

Buy Hawaiin Shaved Ice Maker Today! 

Having so many features in one machine can be advantageous for you. Looking at its design, I feel this could be an amazing choice for you. On top of everything else, the appliance is guaranteed to be durable because of its plastic body. It can be used for years without getting rusted. Also, it is lightweight and small in size which can be kept anywhere. The best part is that it will be giving you a good amount of ice in the minimum time given, as it is stated it can provide you with 2 pounds of ice in one hour. So, why must you not opt for this crushed ice machine?

2) Waring Pro IC70 Professional Ice Crusher

This appliance from Waring Pro is large enough for bigger parties. It is known to be fast and easy for usage. It can provide you with crushed ice in the least time so that you can use it anytime you require. It can give you the perfect and finely crushed ice to make your recipes outstanding. As the name suggests, it is mostly in use of offices and places of professions because of its big size and larger capacity to produce ice. It could be the perfect choice for you if you are looking for a crushed ice machine for your office use.

  • The amount of ice: The appliance can crush up to 50 pounds of ice in one hour. Along with its great size, it can give so much of ice. As there is going to be more crowds in an office at daily basis, the appliance can cope up with the consummation as well. According to your calculations, the machine can produce a satisfying supply of ice. No one will ever have complained of not getting enough ice at an office.
  • Consumption: The container attached at the top of the machine can hold up to 12 cups of crushed ice. Consumers can easily reach their desired product at any possible time. The end user will not feel the need to wait for their product since it will be available at any moment. The design of this wide mouth funnel attachment is acceptable so that people can reach it without any difficulty.


  • The measured dimensions are calculated to be 9.5 x 15.2 x 6.2 inches.
  • The measured weight of the appliance is 7.4 pounds.
  • The machine contains stainless steel blade for crushing ice properly.
  • The appliance is available in silver color only.
  • It has a 1-year factory warranty.
  • The machine can hold 12 cups of crushed ice for the consumer.
  • It has a heavy-duty motor fitted in it.
  • It also contains easy to use on and off switch for simple usage.
  • The appliance consumes up to 120 volts.

Buy Waring Pro’s IC70 Today! 

In my opinion, Waring Pro’s IC70 can be the best choice if someone is looking for a crushed ice machine for more consummation. If you require it for official usage, this could be the perfect option because it can give you much ice in limited time. It can keep repeating this process and provide you with finely crushed ice. You can enjoy your drinks or ice teas with this machine presented by Waring Pro Company. The performance of the appliance is very well, as stated by the customers who have submitted their reviews. The easy to use operation system is beneficial. It is less difficult even for new users. Your frozen beverages will become more delicious than before.

3) Portable Hand Crank Ice Crusher by Victorio

This ice maker machine produces ice by using hand power. It requires the consumer to put in some effort to get their ice crushed. Another important thing to note is that this appliance is portable. This means you may take it from one place to another anytime you want. Whether it is some beach party or you need it while traveling, you can buy this product from Victorio and make use of it. This appliance will be giving you ice at various locations. Apart from this, you could also keep it in your kitchen for use. Some finely crushed ice can be easily consumed by you now.

  • Easy to use: The appliance comes with a safety lid. Since the machine is designed to be taken from one place to another, it is composed in such a way that ice will not be falling off when you do not need it. The safety lid should be kept on when you do not feel the need of using it. Such measures are taken by Victorio because the appliance is portable.
  • Operational Interface: Victorio’s Hand Crank Ice Crusher is available with a single on and off toggle switch. This makes the operation easier. A new customer can also use the appliance because it is very simple in operation.


  • The dimensions are calculated to be 9.5 x 4.5 x 6 inches (H x W x D).
  • The weight of crushed ice machine is measured 1.5 lb.
  • Victorio’s machine is manually controllable.
  • The appliance is available in white color only.
  • The machine is entirely made of plastic making it strong and long lasting.
  • The stainless-steel blade fitted in it can finely crush the ice efficiently.
  • The appliance is shatterproof.
  • The machine is corrosion resistant, which makes it more durable and rust free.
  • It contains a safety lid at the top.
  • It can crush 3 pounds’ ice in one hour.
  • The machine has about 5 years of factory warranty.
  • The appliance contains an on and off switch for easy operation.

Buy Victorio’s Portable Hand Crank Today!

In my point of view, Victorio’s product is beneficial for people who are compassionate about traveling from one place to another. This could be a wonderful choice for people who are fond of traveling along with having some splendid drinks like juices, margaritas, slushes, or smoothies. Even if you do not like traveling, you could buy this product for usage in your house. The appliance is small in size and impressive in design.

How do they work?

A flake or crushed ice machine has similar components as a general ice maker machine. One thing is additionally fitted with the appliance for the process of crushing ice that is produced. That additional component is known as the ice crusher. The main units of a crushed ice makers are evaporator, accumulator, compressor, hot gas bypass valve, condenser, water pump and ice crusher.

The process of making ice involves temperature to reach high levels and then condense to form a layer of ice. The coils are present in a large cylinder in which the layer of ice forms. As time passes, the cylinder is surrounded by thick layers of ice. After this, hot gas is released for the ice layer to fall into the ice crusher. This is the place where your desired outcome is being processed. The size of the flakes could be managed by the user, depending on what they want. The flaked ice is gathered into a collection bin for us to use.

If you wish to receive fine flakes, you could select the desired option. The ice crusher machine can also produce larger blocks of ice. It all depends on your need. The finely flaked ice is most suitable for making smoothies. As it goes into your mouth, you can feel finely made crystals of ice.


Overall, in my opinion, all these crushed ice machines are impressive regarding the amount of ice it will be providing us. The quality also seems to be notable after reading some customer reviews. You may select one of the best-crushed ice machines noted above, according to your requirement. Waring Pro is a good choice for official use, while Victorio is better for traveling. Choose the best option and enjoy your summer time.

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